Pop Goes The Who Ha

by Who Ha

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Final Release Date: TBD.....


released April 10, 2014

thanks go out to: Synthetix.fm , Beyond Synth Podcast

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/ _ (X) \
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( |_ _| // // (Y) (A) )
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Track Name: Cutiest Petutiest Gluteus

We're gonna work it
Do-do, do it now
We're gonna Shock That Zulu
C'mon, let's go

Here we go, let’s start
Welcome everybody
Time to getchyour asses into the mood
I am who ha, here’s my card
Personal trainer and
Professional radical dude

So getchya body loose
Cause we’re workin on those glutes
And we’re gonna get sweaty tonight

Yeah I’m talkin boutchyour fanny
That’s my planny
Getchya your booty (booty delay) lookin real tight

Then out of alll the bootiests
You’ll have the cutiest petutiest gluteus
I ever saw
Even in Toronto, Canada

Buh-na na-na na-nah
(Mow mow-mow-mow-mow mow mow mow)

Step one, have fun, beyond
Let go of what you consider normal
Step two, be you, be true, relax
This won’t work if you’re nervous and formal
Step three, look at me
I’m so fresh and i’m so clean
Cause i never forget to scrub my knees
Well if you want more, well there’s no step four
Just make sure you don’t forget to scrub your knees

Now out of all the bootiests
You’ve got the cutiest petutiest gluteus
I ever saw
And girl you know I just can’t get enough

C'mon Shock That Zulu
Do-do, do what you do

No no it’s not over
Cool off with retro yoga
Slow motion runnin like a T-1000
Straighten your hands and have no emoution
Emoution. it’s emotion that rhymes with T-1000

Now do it to the left
Now do it to the right

Do it to the left
Do it to the right
Give it your best
Do do it all night

Track Name: Crystal Coast
shooo bop
i've lost my monkey
shooo bop

shooo bop
come help me find him
shooo bop

layer 1-
all the ladies
love the monkey
all the ladies
monkeyin around
just us and the monkey
always time to play

layer 2-
on the boardwalk
see me there
with my monkey
ocean air

layer 3-
all of us
jumpin into the ocean
feel it in the air

I don't know
what you want to show me
but i've got to go
so hurry it up

up and down the coast
is where i want to be most
i'm better than any old gost
they better back it on up

from the west side
i'll take you with me
to the east side
where i think you belong

under the bright lights
we'll be dancing spinning
it will feel so right
cliche something bout being wrong
Track Name: Big Apple, Big Time City
Listen to me child, Go wild
Push it one step more
(Push it one step more)

I ain't gonna say nothin
Thatchya never did heard before

The only way i come through, for you
Is steer you clear and well
(Banana wey!)

But don't come cryin, if you're dyin
All alone in a cell
(Yo Hohhh!)

It's the Big Apple, Big Time City
Can you hold your own
You've got to run, have fun
Can you hold your own

You gotta do what ya have to have to do
Play the part, help yourself

Always playin too rough, actin tough
You're gonna take a spill

If you're going for a cruise, here's the news
5-0 is out for you

So many bad boys, stealin toys
What side ya gonna choose


(Late 80s/Early 90s Rap Breakdown)
It's the BIG apple
BIG snapple, crackle, pop
DIGem frog, on a log
Bump that honey, hop hop
Pick a mark, hit em hard
Watch a movie, steal a car
Meowth, that's right, let's go
Team rocket, blastin off fo sho