A Prehistoric Party (Totally Tubular Thursdays on Power85)

by Who Ha

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Who Ha - A Prehistoric Party
Promo for Totally Tubular Thursdays on Power85

Featuring: Andy Last, Diamond Field, & Silent Gloves
Additional Vox by: Vic Vega & Beat'em Max

Written, Produced, & Performed
by Who Ha

Silent Gloves:
Hey guys, Silent Gloves here
This is Totally Tubular Thursdays
On Power85

Who Ha:
It's Thursday night
And the flavor, just right
It's got just enough bite
On Party85

We get down, here we go
On the radio, in stereo
So cool, we're off the maps
Now here's a couple of raps

(Vic Vega singing ends of rap phrases...)

Andy Last:
Hi I'm Andy Last
I also host on the radio
I'm here recording
With the king of swing
Sir mister

Who Ha:
That's right he's Marko Maric
He's fresh, he's mint
He Keepin It 80s
For all the Jazzi ladies
On Beyond Synth

Diamond Field:
I'm also from down under
They call me diamond field
Now I got Double Trouble in Brooklyn
Us New Yorkers keep it real

Who Ha:
Andy's Beyond Synth after
Who Ha's Vox Populi
It's Totally Tubular Thursdays
on Power85

Beat'em Max:
Saying ooh
It's A Prehistoric Party
(Vic Vega: Prehistoric)
Invite all the dinosaurs
(Vic Vega: It's Prehistoric, babehhh)
Except you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you


released August 3, 2017
Music backing track:
Was (Not Was) - Walk Like A Dinosaur (Bruce's Prehistoric Dub)

This promo started as an idea for an episode theme I had for my Vox Populi: The Podcast, "A Prehistoric Party" and evolved (heh) into an all out party jam.
Too ambitious? Yes. Did it all work out? Yes. I'm baller, son.

Began organizing and writing this one on a Monday (7.31.17), harassed the cool guys I work with online to record some stuff for me, got all the audio pieces in, put the puzzle together on Wednesday (8.2.17)

Cover Artwork by
Who Ha

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